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Lowland League Team / Scottish Cup Exit
« Last post by ErnSal on September 22, 2019, 12:01:46 PM »
Colts 1-5 Penicuik

I can’t help but feel that  if we played in the first half with the same determination and energy shown at the early part of the second half it could have been a different game. Even though we were three down before Craig Holmes scored that magnificent goal, there was hope that if we could get a second then it would be game on. Sadly, they scored a fourth and it was game over, rubbing salt into the wounds with a late fifth.
Penicuik had brought with them a sizeable support that had helped to create a great atmosphere on such a sunny day and there was no doubting the dominance of their team in the first half but I think we could have given them a much tougher game. Oh well, back to League business and some of the less prestigious cup tournaments but nevertheless well worth winning as we did two seasons ago.
Forza Colts!
Lowland League Team / Almost but not quite
« Last post by ErnSal on September 07, 2019, 09:01:20 PM »
Colts 2-2 EK

We almost managed to beat last year’s champions by holding onto our 2-1 score from the first half but it wasn’t to be despite the hard work and effort of every player. EK played a great passing game especially in the first half but they perhaps overplayed in the danger zone whereas Colts with less possession scored two beautiful goals. Then in the second half the determination, pressing and concentration of the Colts players was incredible. They had several opportunities to score the third goal that would probably have clinched victory for us. No doubt the sending off of Arnie Bembo forced Colts to play deep and soak up pressure but they just couldn’t hold onto their lead. Nevertheless, the players and coaching staff deserve praise for the way in which Colts so often punch above their weight in terms of the financial resources available to the ‘top’ teams. It is also obvious that Colts have a team spirit where they support each other and enjoy their football.(That is certainly how it looks to me as a fan from the outside looking in)

Forza Colts.
Lowland League Team / Our first defeat
« Last post by ErnSal on August 27, 2019, 08:24:42 PM »
Colts 0-2 Bonnyrigg Rose

Despite the best efforts of the Ultras with their drums and megaphone (and the new addition of the horn), it wasn’t enough to inspire us to victory. We were outplayed by a very good side who brought with them a sizeable support.  I suppose it’s one of those games that might provide the coaches and players with some points for reflection and learning but apart from that, it’s probably best forgotten as we travel to Gretna in the hope of returning to our winning ways.

Forza Colts!

Lowland League Team / Heroes: Unbeaten and unbowed.
« Last post by ErnSal on August 17, 2019, 05:41:13 PM »
Colts 2-1 Kelty

A team of heroes! What a performance!
Our goalkeeper, Jonathan Grier, was outstanding, our defence were determined and brave, the midfield worked their socks off and our attack scored two goals against a team that in their first three games, all victories, had only conceded one goal.
Having scored just before halftime, with first half chances at both ends of the park, we faced, in the second half, a confident team determined to get back into the game but with a penalty save, followed by heroic defending and some good luck we held onto our lead until close to the end when Kelty equalised. After that, it looked as if Kelty might go on to win but a brilliant counter attack with Fraser Team setting up the winner for Stephen O’Neill brought the Colts fans to their feet and when the final whistle sounded our team deserved the standing ovation that they received. Unbeaten in the league and on Friday evening we will be facing the only other unbeaten side.
Looking forward to it.

Forza Colts!!
Lowland League Team / A Rollercoaster Second Half
« Last post by ErnSal on August 11, 2019, 08:07:10 PM »
Stirling Uni 4-4 Colts

A rollercoaster of emotions as a fan.
One down (disappointing) Two down (Worryingly disappointing).Half time. Hoping for a better second half. Kirwan brought on at right back. Murray moved to midfield. A Colts goal! (Optimism) A second goal. (Feeling good) Third goal. (Excited by the comeback) Fourth goal within 30 minutes of the second half. (Joyful amazement) A Uni goal. (Time to worry) A Uni equaliser. (Disappointed and more worried)
The final whistle. (Relieved But not sure what else to feel) Emotionally drained.
In the cold light of day: Three games unbeaten, seven points. Special mention for Marty our new striker. Works so hard and has an eye for goal.
Looking good.
Forza Colts!
Lowland League Team / Yellow Derby Victory
« Last post by ErnSal on August 03, 2019, 04:18:03 PM »
Colts 2-1 BSC

What an entertaining evening at Broadwood!
Sunshine, good football, three goals and plenty of goalmouth incidents and near misses. A closely fought contest that looked as if it would end level if not for Marty Wright’s very late winner. A great performance from Colts against the side that finished runners up in the league and league cup winners. Credit to the players and the coaches for a team effort that was rewarded with an unexpected victory. All of the team played well but our new goalkeeper was outstanding. Six out of six points and a reminder that Colts are capable of beating any team in the league.
Forza Colts!
Lowland League Team / A Good Start
« Last post by ErnSal on July 27, 2019, 08:11:09 PM »
Gala 0-3 Colts

What a great start to the season! An away victory. Three goals scored and none conceded. What makes it even more significant is that two of our regular back four were missing (Davidson and Kirwan) Organisation, hard work, creativity and good finishing all contributed to a well deserved victory. Also, pleasing to see two of the new signings scoring two of the goals, in addition to our own ‘Messi’ scoring number three.
The other new development was the arrival of our own ultras with drums and megaphone. They kept up the chants and the drumbeats throughout the ninety minutes. Obviously, brought us some good luck.
Looking forward to our first home game.

Forza Colts!
Lowland League Team / Pre-season optimism
« Last post by ErnSal on July 17, 2019, 05:12:12 PM »
I have watched a couple of the Colts pre-season friendlies and it has been good to see that we have retained a core of players who have served us well last season and seasons before. It is also good to see some new faces to strengthen our squad. It is likely that we will struggle against the clubs with bigger budgets but so what? I think it is enough to have a group of talented players who enjoy playing football, work hard to win and play attractive football that entertains. I feel confident that we will gain some surprise victories over the favoured top teams and with a bit of consistency achieve a top six placing but I, personally, will be happy to see the Colts play the brand of football that is a pleasure to watch.
Forza Colts!
Lowland League Team / From hope to despair
« Last post by ErnSal on May 06, 2019, 06:19:33 PM »
I have to admit that when I discovered that Colts had assembled a makeshift team for this cup tie it looked as if we would be beaten by the men from the Shire. However, the early goal by Fraser Team followed soon after by the red card shown to a Shire player provided grounds for hope. 1-0 up against ten men. It really did look as if we had a chance. In the end, towards the final 15 mins, hope turned to despair when slack defending allowed the Shire to equalise and then soon after a defensive error led to the Shire’s winning goal.
In a sense, that one game summed up the latter half of our season: inconsistency and costly errors.
Nevertheless, we are still punching above our weight in this league and we are the holders of the League Cup. We have much to be proud of and if we could receive more support from my fellow citizens in Cumbernauld then perhaps we could acquire more financial resources to strengthen our squad and compete at the top.
I look forward to a new season.
Forza Colts!
Lowland League Team / Equal Sixth?
« Last post by ErnSal on April 23, 2019, 08:37:53 PM »
Our final position? Equal on points with East Stirlingshire. I like to think we can call that equal sixth, although I suspect the official position will be seventh due to our inferior goal difference. We continue to compete and finish in the top half of the league which is something to be proud of, considering the league gets stronger each season.
We can now look forward to the league cup. Two victories and we will be in the final.
Let’s do it! Forza Colts!
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