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Author Topic: The frustration of football  (Read 1755 times)

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The frustration of football
« on: January 13, 2018, 11:03:49 PM »
In an ideal world of football, the team with more possession, the better passing team and the more creative team would be rewarded with victory but in the real world of football victory depends solely on scoring more goals than your opponents. This afternoon Colts played well, they had about 70-80% possession, they manufactured some great passing moves and at times they created some good goal scoring opportunities but they lost 2-0. Admittedly the Uni of Stirling were fit and well-organised and they scored with two of the very few chances that they created.
Football can be cruel and frustrating when the better team loses but I suppose that's part of the emotional roller coaster of being a football fan unless you happen to support a team that rarely loses. It must be dull, in our present era to be a Celtic fan or even worse a Barcelona fan. So dull. Hardly worth turning up for the game. :)