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Author Topic: Just enough  (Read 1059 times)

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Just enough
« on: October 13, 2019, 08:26:23 PM »
Colts 1-0 Jeanfield Swifts

Thankfully, we are through to the next round of the tournament with one penalty goal. I suspect that this game would have broken the Colts record for most missed chances. Hopefully, this is a victory we can build on. Itís not easy for a team to gel when new players arrive but we have a squad capable of beating any team in our league even though we canít compete financially with the top teams,
The only sour note for me was from some of the Jeanfield fans whose shouts were totally out of order in an era when we are trying to make football an inclusive sport where all fans can watch a game without having to endure language that is totally inappropriate.