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Author Topic: Another season over. Changes afoot.  (Read 35132 times)

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Another season over. Changes afoot.
« on: April 24, 2023, 09:28:32 AM »
A very enjoyable way to finish the season. A five goal victory in the sunshine. Each season becomes more challenging but I have to admit that the plans to reposition the Lowland League as the sixth tier of football seems to me to be a backward step to suit the more powerful clubs in Scotland so that they can have a more competitive league for their B teams thus denying the majority of Lowland League teams the opportunity to reach promotion directly to division two.

On another note, this forum seems to have become my personal blog, perhaps because Twitter and other social media outlets have become the main sources of comments and discussion over the past few years. So, I think Iíll refrain from posting in the future and hopefully encourage others to make use of the forum for exchanging opinions and ideas as intended.

Anyway, onwards and upwards for the Colts.
Forza Colts!